New Machinery Directive Effective from June 29, 2023: Understanding the Implications of EU Regulation 2023/1230



The machinery sector experienced a significant shift on June 29, 2023, with the publication of the new Regulation (EU) 2023/1230, superseding the previous Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. 2023年6月29日,随着新法规(EU) 2023/1230的发布,机械行业经历了重大转变,取代了之前的机械指令2006/42/EC

This legislation, enforceable across all EU member states, indicates a profound transformation within the industry. 这项立法在所有欧盟成员国强制执行,标志着该行业的深刻变革。

The regulation offers several advantages such as standardization of application, elimination of potential implementation issues, and enhanced legal certainty. The adoption of this regulation mitigates delays in implementation and discrepancies in interpretation among different member states. 该法规具有应用标准化、消除潜在实施问题和增强法律确定性等优点。本条例的通过减轻了执行上的延误和不同成员国之间解释上的差异。


Key Updates Introduced by the Machinery Regulation 2023/1230机械法规2023/1230引入的关键更新

Contrary to the previous Machinery Directive, which centered on newly manufactured machines, the new regulation also encompasses products that have undergone "major modifications". This expansion of scope constitutes one of the primary updates introduced by Machinery Regulation 2023/1230. 与之前以新制造的机器为中心的机械指令相反,新法规还包括经历了“重大修改”的产品。这一范围的扩大是机械法规2023/1230引入的主要更新之一。


Introduction of New Roles in the Machinery Market: Importers and Distributors机械市场新角色的介绍:进口商和分销商

The Regulation introduces two pivotal roles: the importer and the distributor. The importer is the party that introduces a product from a non-member country into the EU market. Conversely, the distributor, distinct from the manufacturer or importer, is a party that facilitates a specific product's availability in the market. 该法规引入了两个关键角色:进口商和分销商。进口商是指将非欧盟成员国的产品引入欧盟市场的一方。相反,与制造商或进口商不同的分销商是促进特定产品在市场上可用性的一方。

The importer is accountable for ensuring that the manufacturer has performed the necessary procedures for product conformity assessment. Additionally, they must disclose their name, physical address, and email address on the product, thereby assuming responsibility for the product's conformity. 该法规引入了两个关键角色:进口商和分销商。进口商是指将非欧盟成员国的产品引入欧盟市场的一方。相反,与制造商或进口商不同的分销商是促进特定产品在市场上可用性的一方。

The distributor's responsibilities are relatively lesser, primarily focusing on verifying the product's correct identification and proper storage. 经销商的责任相对较少,主要集中在验证产品的正确标识和正确存储。


Safety: The Introduction of Digital Components安全:数字元件的引入

Another update pertains to safety. The regulation now encompasses digital components, including software. 另一个更新与安全有关。该规定现在涵盖了包括软件在内的数字组件。


Language and Documentation of Machines机器的语言和文档

Product information and documentation - covering operating instructions, the EU Declaration of Conformity, man-machine interfaces, and warnings - must be readily comprehensible to both users and market supervision authorities. Each member state will determine the language used for this information. 产品信息和文档——包括操作说明、欧盟符合性声明、人机界面和警告——必须易于用户和市场监管机构理解。每个成员国将决定用于此信息的语言。


Staggered implementation between now and 2027 实施时间

While the Machinery Regulation does not apply in full until 14 January 2027, as is often the case several other obligations arise before then which means that it is necessary to keep this under review.  虽然机械法规直到2027年1月14日才完全适用,但通常情况下,在此之前会出现其他一些义务,这意味着有必要对其进行审查。



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For those interested in reviewing the complete text of the new Regulation (EU) 2023/1230, the PDF of the Official Journal of the European Union, available in your preferred language, can be downloaded from this page.

如有兴趣查阅新规例(EU) 2023/1230的全文,可在此网页下载欧洲联盟官方公报的PDF版本: (EU) 2023/1230




2023年6月29日新机械指令生效-法规EU Regulation 2023/1230